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Why choose us ?

Owner/Technician, Rodger Houseman, grew up on Hilton Head and has lived in Bluffton/Hilton Head area since 1961.  He has been ASE certified for over 25 years.  He was employed by the local Mercedes-Benz dealer for nearly 23 years, during which he frequently participated in factory training.  He then worked for a local independent shop for over 4 years before making the move to open AutoTechs of the LowCountry, LLC.  The decision was made in order to have greater control over how his customers were treated.

VALUE - We know you work hard for your money and we make every effort to keep your costs down.  We have many sources for automotive parts and we shop to get you, our valued customer, the best price, yet the best quality that you can afford.  Our labor rates are among the most competitive in this area.  We don't want to service or repair your automobiles just one time, we want you as a customer for life.


HONESTY - We are not a new car dealer.  Even though we have invested in a vast number of automotive technical evaluation scanners, computers and other devices, we cannot acquire every item available to dealers.  If we don't have the capability to repair your auto, we will be honest and tell you.   If a repair will be covered under your dealer's warranty, WE WILL TELL YOU.  There are simply some mechanisms that can ONLY be serviced, repaired, or replaced by an authorized auto dealer.  The auto-makers have made it this way.


KNOWLEDGE - Our technicians frequently attend training classes, both in the classroom and online, in order to keep up with the ever-changing automotive service and repair business.


Knowledge is power when it comes to maintaining your vehicles.  Quite simply, routine oil changes and tune ups are very important, but in many cases, they just aren't enouth to keep your car or truck performing its best.  Next to your home, your vehicles are probably one of the most expensive investments, so we understnad that you want to make them last.  In many cases, relatively inexpensive replacement of filters, belts and other items can keep you from having much more expensive problems down the road.   That's the road where you don't want to be stuck sitting on the side.


Service Manager, Timmy Good ,  has been with the company since nearly the day we opened for business in 2010.  Well known for his excellent customer service skills, Timmy always goes out of his way to make every customer feel like family.  Not only does he manage to take great care of our customers, he frequently becomes quite the entertainer.



Technician, Nate Ramey, is Ford Factory trained.  Raised in Michigan, Nate migrated to the South and now makes Bluffton his home.   Nate works on all makes and models.



Sons, Stephen and Michael, frequently help customers and help us to maintain our high level of customer service.  After graduating from college, both have become full-time employees.  Have grown up around cars and motorcycles, they both have a great understanding of how motors work.

My reputation is built on honesty, integrity and fairness to my customers.

- Rodger Houseman

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